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‘To nurture talent and achievement in everyone and build the foundations for success in the 21st Century'

At Holmesdale Community Infant School, we take pride in posing careful, open ended questions which enable children the opportunity to strive in attaining a high standard. We believe that Geography helps provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world around us.

We inspire children to have a genuine interest in Geography and develop a real sense of curiosity about the world they live in. Every child has the opportunity to explore similarities and differences in the UK and diverse places, thinking about the people who live there alongside the human and physical features of the environment the children are studying.

Within our EYFS, we help children to find out about the environment by talking to people, examining photographs and simple maps and visiting places in our local area including Reigate train station and St Marks Church.

In KS1, the children go on local walks and use maps to navigate local streets demonstrating one of the four skills of the Geography curriculum, geographical skills and fieldwork. As the children progress through Holmesdale, they will have the opportunity to explore maps, aerial photographs and globes in order to enhance their geographical knowledge.

For KS1, The National Curriculum (NC) for Geography is our point of reference as the basis for our teaching and learning. We utilise the four skills of Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork for the learning experiences we provide.

The Geography curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills which are progressive, build on prior learning and are transferable throughout the children’s time at Holmesdale.