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Settling In

We know how important your child’s first experience of school is and we want to ensure that school is an exciting, stimulating and rewarding environment where your child can discover, learn and play. It is very important that home and school work together in developing an effective partnership to ease this transition. Our priority when children start attending school is to make sure that each child feels secure and happy in their surroundings, so that as school becomes more familiar, the children gain confidence and settle into their new routine very quickly. Forming positive relationships with staff and other children at nursery is therefore vital. We begin to nurture relationships during a robust transition programme.  Before your child begins their nursery journey, they are invited with parents/carers for a short visit to explore the nursery, meet staff and other children who will be attending their session. Staff will conduct a home visit. These visits allow staff to interact with you and your child in an environment where they feel most comfortable.  Children then begin nursery in small groups with a staggered start. This allows them to learn new routines and expectations in a small group as well as allowing staff the opportunity to further foster the relationship with your child, so they feel safe and secure. As our nursery places are Monday-Friday, your child will meet and befriend the same children each day of the week. This consistency allows for secure friendships to develop over the year.

 “Change is like a butterfly. It can be scary to let go of what you know, but once you do, you can spread your wings and fly.” Unknown