Holmesdale Community Infant School

Children are at the heart of all that we do; working together to be the best that we can be


Other subjects

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 it is also compulsory for schools to teach:

  • Science
  • Design and Technology (D.T.)
  • History / Geography
  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • P.E.
  • Computing
  • Religious Education (R.E.)


These subjects are sometimes taught as stand-alone subjects in a block or through IPC topics that are of real interest to the children such as ‘Time Travellers’ (Year 2), ‘It’s our space, it’s our place’ (Year 1). Through cross curricular work the children are able to see the contribution made by individual subjects and how the subjects link together. These areas of learning focus on teaching subject knowledge (the facts and information children learn), the skills (those practical abilities each child needs to be able to do), and understanding (the deepening awareness of key concepts that develop over time).



Science enables the children to learn and discover more about the world in which they live. We harness the child’s natural curiosity to find out about the environment through first-hand experiences and observations. This is followed by the development of a child’s ability to communicate and record his/her findings.

Our varied school grounds including our woodland area and our pond are an important resource and provide a stimulating environment in which children can learn.



Our goal in Computing is to develop new ways of learning and presenting information; to use technology as a tool for learning as well as learning to use it. Computing is an important part of the curriculum at Holmesdale, supporting work across the whole curriculum.

All the children have good access to computers, protected internet access and a variety of age-appropriate software. Children learn to use PCs, laptops, programmable toys, digital cameras, role pay and audio equipment. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards.


History / Geography

The children begin by studying their own lives and environment with learning extended to include national and international dimensions. The children develop their knowledge skills and understanding through a wide variety of topics and cross-curricular activities.


The Arts

Art, Design and Technology and Music stimulate creativity and imagination. The children are encouraged to acquire and develop skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding for lifelong learning through hands on experiences. The appreciation and enjoyment of the visual arts enriches all our lives and also helps build children’s self-esteem and awareness of others.


Physical Activity

Physical activity is a vital part of the curriculum. We ensure children enjoy a variety of activities so that they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We ensure that children are provided with high quality physical education and the opportunity to take part in sports clubs. We help children to work together as a part of a team and learn skills that they will be able to develop later in life. Children are taught about the safety aspects of PE and the effect that exercise has on their bodies.


Religious Education / PSHE

We follow the Surrey agreed syllabus for RE with the main focus on Christianity. Pupils are also introduced to aspects of Judaism and Islam during their time with us. All schools should also make provision for personal, social and health education. At Holmesdale School for PSHE we follow the Nurturing Programme with supporting materials from the national SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).


Collective Worship

We hold a daily assembly as a whole school, in a year group or class based. These assemblies are broadly Christian in nature. We also celebrate individual special achievements and some religious festivals during the year. Parents can withdraw their child from Religious Education or assemblies after speaking to the Head Teacher.