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How We Keep In Touch

A partnership between home and school further strengthens positive relationships which enable your child to feel secure and flourish at school.  We know good communication is vital and there are a number of ways in which we keep you informed:

  • Staff are always present at drop off and pick up and parents/carers are encouraged to deliver quick messages or ask staff to arrange a longer call/meeting at a mutually convenient time.
  • Weekly learning letters and notices and monthly newsletters are emailed to parents.
  • Each term, parents/ carers are invited into the nursery to look at their child's learning journey.
  • In the autumn and spring term, you will be able to book a 10-minute parent/carer/teacher meeting to talk about your child's progress and development.
  • In the summer term, parents/carers will receive a written report which comments on their child's learning characteristics, progress and development.
  • At Holmesdale we are very lucky to have an enthusiastic and involved PSA. Each class has a PSA representative who will communicate about school or class events.